We cover all aspects of real-time VFX work; be it 2D VFX, 3D VFX, Stylized VFX or Realistic VFX.


Games VFX

Immerse your players in rich worlds enhanced with dynamic and technically impressive visual effects work. From conceptualization through to final integration in engine; our team will collaborate closely with yours to create high fidelity visual effects that compliment your game’s art style and seamlessly blend with its gameplay.

Movie Clapper

Cinematic & Trailer VFX

Elevate your cinematic storytelling and trailer visuals with stunning visual effects work. Be it epic explosions, intricate particle simulations or subtle environmental effects; our team will create effects that will enhance the narrative of your project and leave a lasting impression.

VFX Direction

VFX Direction & Consultation

Unlock your project’s potential with our dedicated VFX direction & consultation services. Whether you need hands-on VFX direction for your whole project or some consultation support during pre-production; we will help you navigate the complexities of VFX with ease.



You can expect a typical engagement with our team to look something like this…

Discovery & Scoping
We start with a discovery call to understand your project, its requirements, and deadline(s). Based on this information, we then build out a tailored solution to fit your needs and provide you with a cost and timeline to deliver your project.
Reference & Previsualization
To ensure our teams are aligned, we start by collating detailed reference boards which are used to inform our concepts which support our previsualization work for each element. These are submitted to your team for sign-off before we start the next stage. This ensures no time or work is lost during the early stages of the project.
Asset Creation & Integration
With the overall look of each effect signed off, we use cutting edge techniques to create all the mesh, texture and simulation data needed for each effect. Throughout this process we integrate our work in-engine, creating and setting up the necessary shaders and systems to produce an outstanding result.
Polish, Performance & Optimization
We refine the signed-off effect, ensuring it meets your project’s technical constraints without compromising visual quality. Our focus is on delivering the best possible effect, optimizing for performance, and adding final polish to maintain high standards.
File Delivery
We deliver our progress at each step of this process using your preferred version control and project management tools. If direct integration into your tools isn’t possible, we instead package all source files and a clean example scene in the engine of your choice (UE5, Unity, CryEngine or Godot) and deliver it to you via secure file upload.



Partnering with Inferno Studios means working with a team that’s committed to excellence, adaptability, and innovation.
Our focus on quality, clear communication, and robust security ensures your project is a success. 


Our commitment to excellence means no work leaves the studio without going through our thorough quality assurance process. We ensure every detail meets our high standards, delivering outstanding results for every project.


We establish regular and transparent communication as standard across all of our engagements. Effective collaboration between our teams is essential, so we ensure you're kept in the loop every step of the way. Clear, consistent updates are our commitment to you.


The protection and confidentiality of your project files and intellectual property are of the utmost importance to us. We've invested in a robust infrastructure and comprehensive insurance to ensure your projects are always secure and covered. Your peace of mind is our priority.


We pride ourselves on our flexibility and readiness to adapt to any situation. Whether you need us for a short-term project or a long-term engagement, we can scale and tailor our services to fit your unique project needs. A service you can truly rely on.


Our team keeps up to date with the latest industry tools and workflows, including Blender, Houdini, JangaFX Suite, Substance Designer, Unreal 5, Unity, and more. We also develop our own procedural tools and systems internally that allow us to stay ahead of the curve.



Explore a selection of our work, showcasing our creativity and expertise in producing stunning real-time visual effects…





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